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How does Plantedd work?

Plantedd is a place for gardeners to find and buy plants from nurseries who are passionate about what they grow. When you sell on Plantedd, you are reaching the people who care about gardening.

The expert nurseries who grow the products (you!) come and sell through the Plantedd website. You’re the expert who really knows their stuff, so you’re the one who writes the descriptions about the products and provides the pictures.

Plantedd handles the online side of things. We provide a place for you to show off what you sell and a way for gardeners to buy it, so we’re a bit like horticultural matchmakers. When a customer buys something the money is paid to you directly through PayPal, and Plantedd makes sure that the transaction is safe and secure. You then get the order details from us and send out the order.

How much does it cost to sell on Plantedd?

Plantedd only charges an 8% commission on sales. There’s no setup fee, no monthly fee and no listing fee, so you don’t pay anything to get started and you can sell as many things as you want without paying to list each item. You only pay Plantedd when you sell something.

You set up a direct debit to pay Plantedd's commission, which is billed every 2 weeks, and an invoice is emailed to you a week before the money comes out of your account to let you know what the amount will be.

How do I start selling on Plantedd?

All that is required is a few basic details, an email address and a PayPal account. If you’re interested in selling on Plantedd, please fill out your details on the right and we’ll get in touch. It should take no longer than 24 hours to hear back from us.

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