Good plants from good people.

We work with nurseries that share our passion for plants - the sort of people who grow plants that do well in the garden, and not plants that just look good on the shelf. These men and women know their alliums!

We want to help gardeners get the best plants and support independent nurseries. There’s a proud gardening heritage in the UK, and at Plantedd we take the best that the nurseries have to offer and make it available online.

Think of us as a plant fair that’s here online all year round.

Our Story

In 2011, David Wong left his job in corporate law to set up Plantedd. He is a self-confessed plant geek and he started the online marketplace because he was frustrated with the hassle of finding the plants that he wanted, so he came up with Plantedd as a way to make it easier to find and buy the 80,000 or so plants sold in the UK.

As we built our range of plants to over 5,000 different varieties, we realised that we needed to help people make sense of all those plants. That is why we are introducing plant boxes. David is using his superpowers of plant selection to choose the right plants for the right place, so that everybody can have their own garden designer in a box. Plant boxes are rolling out in Glasgow first! Come say hello on Facebook or Twitter